Jump Jive 'n Wail

Hey y'all!

We're a band that plays everything.  Rock, rock n' roll, party music, tunes that are charting and on the radio right now  - as well as all those great classic songs that everyone loves to shake a leg to.

In fact we're only happy if we can belt out the tunes that you want to hear.

Right now you're listening to a song that has been randomly selected by our superclever website.  It'lll be one of our covers... and that's cool becasue we are proudly, first and foremost, a covers band.

But don't let yourself settle for a track that's been being plucked out randomly by a website.   Go to our 'Sounds' page (using the buttons above) and select a song from the tracks we've recently posted to this site.   Yup!  The Black Keys, Foo Fighters, Jesse J, Pointer Sisters, Doobee Brothers and the Kings of Leon are all there. And even some of our originals are lurking on that web page.  We don't play our originals at gigs as a rule. (We're not there to blow our own trumpets...) We're present only to get you a-singin' and a-jigglin.'  Click on the 'OL Playlist' button if you want to review the tunes that we're playing right now. For private bookings we'll learn any favourite songs that you might want.

So get your goodselves some awesome live  music. 
It really is the best!  And maybe check out our Reverb Nation page by clicking the button below.  We were number one-ish in the Waikato at last peek.  

You can always get in touch with us by heading to the 'Kontact OL' page.


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